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5-Stand is an exciting and fast-growing clay-target sport and a great way to improve your shooting skills.  LRSTC has one of the best 5-stand fields you will find anywhere, with beautifully constructed, covered shooting stands and over 15 traps to throw every type of target imaginable.  Whether you are a brand-new shooter or a Master-Class sporting clays competitor, you will have a great time participating in our league.

Exciting Improvement

This year, we will follow a traditional 5-stand competition format consisting of the following at each station:
• A single bird (full use of the gun is permitted – i.e., 2 shots can be taken)
• One Report Pair
• One True (Simo) Pair

Note that the targets will be different for each of the above pairs, and the pairs will also be different between stations.  There will be a total of 50 targets, so each shooter will rotate through each of the five stands twice.

IMPORTANT:  As always, LRSTC will continue to emphasize and enforce gun safety.  In addition, we will be teaching and adhering to sporting clays competition etiquette and protocols at every event.

The rules will be explained prior to beginning each match, but are summarized as follows:

1. Gun safety to be practiced at all times, without exception.  Notably, the following rules will be strictly enforced:
• Shooters will NOT rest guns in a horizontal position on the five-stand railings (whether loaded or unloaded)
• Shooters will not load their guns until it is their turn to shoot.
• Shooters will never rest loaded guns in the 5-stand stations.

2. Sporting Clays etiquette will be practiced at all events.  These disciplines will be explained in more detail at the matches.  For example, the trapper will call out the pairs to be shot, and then announce when he or she is ready.  At that time, the shooter may call for the targets.

8 Bi-Weekly Matches
• December 16, 30
• January 13, 27
• February 10, 24
• March 9, 23

Three rotations per week starting at 10am.  See for rotation times.  Additional rotations may be added based on participation.

The price is $20 for 50 targets.

Payment will be Cash Only, to be Paid at the 5-Stand Prior to Shooting.

Prizes will be free rounds at LRSTC.

The number of free rounds awarded will be based on the number of shooters each week.

Lewis Class system used for determining prizes.  With this system, everyone has a fair chance of winning free rounds, regardless of your experience or level of skill.  The Lewis system is described HERE.

Register Now on

If you are new to Score Chaser, you simply set up a user account (free and easy) and then you can register for the LRSTC 5-Stand Sporting League events.  Once you have an account, you can click on Tournaments and either search for LRSTC or filter on the Northeast Region and scroll down until you find the LRSTC 5-Stand Sporting League event.

The LRSTC 5-Stand League will be a great way to tune-up your game for the Spring competition season.  We look forward to seeing you at the range!


Mar 23 2024

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