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Loch Raven Skeet & Trap Center's Wobble Trap League starts on Thursday, August 30th, 2012 at 5:00 pm! Check out our Events Calendar for all the dates and times.

Shooting is open to everyone, members and non-members alike.

EVENTS: Events consist of two rounds of 25 targets each shot sequentially for a total of 50 targets. Two shots are allowed at each targt but it is not mandatory. Hit or miss scoring will be based on both shots. Second shot hits will be used in the final tally for tie breaking, if required.

CLASSES: Three Classes have been Established, Each Shooters Average Will be Determined Weekly as Their Latest Scores Dictate. Sandbaggers Not Allowed.
"A" Class @ 90 to 100 %
"B" Class @ 80 to 89 %
"C" Class @ 79 % and Under
Final Classification will be Calculated Using Each Shooters Highest 20 Scores. These brackets were determined from empirical data from all participating shooter scores accumulated last year.

LEAGUE AWARDS - Loch Raven Gift Certificates will be Awarded to the Winners of Each Class. Minimum of Ten Shoots (20 Scores) must be shot and recorded to be eligible for awards.

DATES, HOURS and COST - Thursdays – August 30th to November 15th at 5pm. The cost is $12.00 per week, $10.00 for targets and $2.00 prize money. 12 weeks total. All cancelled shoots will be rescheduled. Weathwer related cancellations will be made no later than 3:00pm, the day of the shoot.

QUESTIONS: Contact Bob Schulze 410.666.2382 or Bill Frazee 410.207.8250.

SIGNUUP: Add your name to the sign-up sheet located on the counter in the club house. See our Center Manager (Vince) or a staff member.

GAUGES: Any gauge gun may be used. Shooters provide proof and shoot-off shells